I cleaed keboard esterda

Yesterday I cleaned my Microsoft Natural Keyboard after few years of usage (keyboard itself is 12 years old). Whole process took me 3 hours, required 3 screwdrivers, bowl with water and some chemicals used to clean keyboard case. Why 3 screwdrivers? Big Philips one to open case,

x86 architecture mess

x86 architecture is total mess when it comes to naming. Basically there were “i386”, “i486”, “i586”, “i686” — nothing more was used. But this gives lot of problems. First one — which optimisations can be used on “i686”? It has MMX for

High Definition TV

During wedding week I was at Ania’s parents house. Recently they bought 42″ wide screen TV and DVB-S receiver. This gave me possibility to watch some HDTV channels and compare them with standard TV. I have to admit, that such big screen shows why