Poky Linux 3.0 released

Today OpenedHand team (which I am proud to be a part of) released Poky Linux 3.0 ‘blinky’. I was working on it during last months. If you have free time then I suggest going to website and try it.

What interesting in this version? For me it is whole set of Matchbox components in new versions:

  • mb-desktop2 with much more usable navigation then it was in mb-d1
  • new panel which allow to remove window borders from screen (important on small resolutions)
  • menus integrated with panel (it reminds me PalmOS time)

And there is new look&feel named “Sato” and whole set of PIM applications named “Pimlico” (which is also used on OpenMoko powered phones).

13 thoughts on “Poky Linux 3.0 released”

  1. well, i’ve successfully flashed my C3000 with poky 3.0, with the sato image. everything went ok 🙂 my main trouble is that i could have neither bluetooth (for dialup) nor wifi to work…… as a first thought, poky seems to be a lighter angstrom. isn’t it ? is it possible to just install sato under angstrom?

  2. jpmatrix: Poky supports WiFi connections out-of-box. Bluetooth support is not yet done as there is small amount of users with BT powered Zaurus machines.

    Speaking about Ångström… Poky is not lighter Å because they are different projects. And yes – it should be possible to build Sato components for Ångström.

  3. Wow, that looks cool. Will the default openmoko distribution for the neo1973 phone be sporting all the same programs (dates, contacts, games, browser, and tasks) as the Sato distribution or will the two distrubutions differ in some way?

  4. ok Marcin 🙂

    sorry for these trivial questions 😉 is there a wiki (even simple) available ? can we safely install angstrom ipk packages into poky or is there a specific repository ? i think you should quickly enable ALL bluetooth functions into poky, at least for me, bluetooth dialup is a main issue for all zaurus distros 😉 wifi can only be used @ home in our countries…

  5. other requests (i don’t know if it is the best place to talk about it!)

    -video player did not accept my .avi or my .wmv (codec trouble) -video player cannot play mp3 files either. you should add a music player -i cannot find a suspend menu item -i cannot find a way to set the clock (or perhaps via the gtkterm console) -what about adding abiword and gnumeric to poky? -what about adding a rss reader and an outliner?

    hope this helps!

  6. jpmatrix: please report bugs to OpenedHand Bugzilla.

    There is no wiki or forum for Poky – there is mailing list.

    Installing Ångström packages in Poky is not supported – but they may work.

  7. I see there is a kernel and SDK image for N800 in this release, but no sato image. Is it possible to use sato at 800×480? What will I get if I flash the 3.0 SDK image on N800? Is 770 support planned? Thanks!

  8. Leif: SDK image contain everything which is in Sato image plus SDK stuff so you are able to develop on device.

    Nokia770 support is rather not planned. This device is out of market and there is no source code for few components (wifi support for example) needed to get it working – it is useless without wifi.

  9. I’ve got a spitz w/ BT CF card (and it works under Gentoo on my laptop). I’d be willing to help get BT on spitz running.

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