OpenMoko testing weekend

When last time we were in Szczecin to visit her family one of my brothers-in-law told me that he would like to get Neo1973 phone as replacement for his current Nokia one. So this time I took GTA01Bv4 (plus additional battery and external battery charger) to give him for playing during weekend.

He likes overall look of phone and started playing with software. After some time he managed to enter data into Contacts and Tasks, also tried to play few games. We found few small bugs and I entered them into bugtracker:

Last one is probably hard to fix as I do not know is there a way to get notification on screen rotation. I suggested to Mickeyl that ‘on Power hold’ menu should be rather replaced by fullscreen window with status of GPS/Bluetooth/WiFi/GSM and options to disable/enable each of them. Also possibility to switch on “Flight Mode” and change profile should be there. If it would be made in proper way then there would be no problem on screen rotation.

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