Next events

Some people asked me which events I plan to attend in next months. Currently there are two of them: OEDEM and FOSDEM.

OEDEM is not yet decided when and where it will be. There was suggestion from OpenBossa conference organizers to make it there but it would costs us too much (travels, hotels). We are considering Berlin (as all previous meetings were there) but we lack place for it. And I suggested Szczecin, Poland. But where and when? Not decided yet.

FOSDEM will be in Brussels, Belgium like it was always. Probably it will be 21-22 February 2009 and I hope that it will get confirmed soon so I will be able to buy cheap plane tickets for BerlinBrussels flights (today it would be EasyJet with 52EUR for total cost). OE developers not decided yet which hotel will get our blessing so I did not yet checked this.

Will I attempt other events? It depends on when and where they will be as this generate costs which I have to care about.

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