UDS-N: Monday

Again early wake up… This time 4:44 but I think that today will be better then yesterday because 6h of sleep is often my default amount. Few minutes ago room mate woke up and said: you will never convert to this timezone if you will not sleep longer. But why do I have to? In few days I will be back home.

After “let’s do nothing” Sunday it is time to start doing UDS things. I have quite long list of sessions to attend and for few I will need to select which one to go:






For now this is a list of sessions which I will attend or consider to. Some of them are required for me, some I will lead, some are for curiosity and few I will attend to check what is going on and maybe provide some hints. Compared to UDS-M this one will be rather busy for me. And I have to catch Jamie to grab my PandaBoard from him :)

BTW — if you are interested in checking something on PandaBoard then catch me. Maybe it will be possible to organize some kind of hacking session (but note that I do not have any of required things for board — no psu, no cables/keyboard/mouse/etc).

conferences linaro pandaboard ubuntu uds