UDS-N day one

At 4:30 had to get up and ~hour later I was in a bus to Berlin Tegel (TXL) airport. Arrived, met few people from Canonical, got first coffee. Lufthansa did not has so much luck with 10s as Ubuntu did so our flight moved from 10:10 by about hour. Reason was bad weather and traffic jam over Frankfurt airport.

But finally plane landed there and trip though terminal began. After few minutes I heard that passengers to Orlando should hurry so I did. Just to wait insane amount of time in shuttle bus and then in a plane… Good part of flight was that there were many free seats so we (zyga and me) were able to seat next to each other.

But long flights are boring… Lufthansa on board entertainment system uses wrong calibrated touch screens with very long reaction time. There were few good movies to choose but seating after the jet engine does not make it comfortable due to amount of background noise. On return trip I will test headphones from Nokia N900 as they should isolate more then Lufthansa ones (or ones which I use with laptop).

Arrived in Orlando with about 40 minutes delay. Acceptable I think. Customs queue was huge and I did not track how much time we wasted there but everything went fine. We met few other people and took a taxi to hotel. American seat belts are strange - I prefer European way of mounting them instead of “let it hang from ceiling” which is used here.

Met more people in hotel, got “all american burger” for dinner (was quite good) and went to sleep. Timezones difference kills — I woke up at 3:30 and could not get to sleep again ;(

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