Events in 2012 which I will attend

In March I wrote where I will travel. Decided to write such memo at start of year so it will be more visible what my plans are for 2012.

In February I will miss FOSDEM because Linaro Connect Q1.12 will start right after it. So at 4th I will fly to San Francisco for a week. But this time instead of flying back home I decided to spend weekend in New York City where I hope to meet some people from Bug Labs company. You know: we worked with each other for 1.5 year and I met only Peter Semmelhack and Ken Gilmer. Also I plan some sightseeing.

Then a bit of quiet until next Linaro Connect will happen. Probably May but it was not yet decided where and when. As many people I also hope for Asia (never was in this part of world).

Same month there will be Ubuntu Developer Summit somewhere at west coast of USA. Who knows — maybe it will end in trip around the world in May? Sounds interesting but I think that only sounds as it can be hard to survive due to jet lag.

Then July/August another Linaro Connect. No idea where, but hope for Europe. In meantime I may or may not attend Ubuntu Rally (Canonical internal event) which will be somewhere in US (as it follows UDS place).

And end of year will bring yet another Linaro Connect and Ubuntu Developer Summit. Second one in Europe.

What else? Probably LinuxTag if company events will not be at same time, maybe something local (there are few conferences planned in Szczecin).

Overall it looks that there will be some travelling — but this year I plan to make more use of free time to see something else than conference centers.

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