• Quiet time. Just after Linaro ERP release was done.


  • FOSDEM as usual. This time with CentOS/RDO meeting.
  • Took my daughter Mira to Touluse, France for winter holidays. There was about 17°C which was nice change after week of snow. Visited Aerospace museum and Space city. Nice trip.
  • Started working on Kolla. Took few months to get non-x86 support merged and then I became core reviewer. Learnt a lot during those months.


  • Linaro Connect in Budapest. Met friends, saw some nice places in a city. Arrow company presented several boards compatible with 96boards specifications including Enterprise Edition one.
  • “Root Linux” conference in Kiev, Ukraine. Gave a talk about OpenStack on AArch64 (youtube video).
  • OpenStack Day in Warsaw, Poland. Few interesting prelections, lot of talks with other developers.


  • OpenStack, OpenStack and OpenStack. And rewriting patches all over again and again.


  • Support for non-x86 support finally landed in Kolla. My goal was to get AArch64 supported and got POWER8/LE support as free bonus.


  • With a friend we went for Sandra concert. Somehow I remembered city name wrong and instead of 1 hour drive it was 4 hour one. Still fun.
  • Went for long weekend trip to Cologne, Paderborn, Düsseldorf. Ok, main reason was Paderborn where I visited Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum (described as biggest computer museum in the world) and Universität Paderborn where main Aminet server was hosted when I started my Amiga adventure. Museum was nice but I enjoyed Computer History Museum more.
  • Built first set of OpenStack ‘Pike’ container images for Debian/AArch64.
  • Started working on DPDK related issues. Then we got assignee to work on it and I only provided updated packages.


  • Visited Linaro office in Harston for a release sprint. And we celebrated my birthday in a pub. Was great.


  • Helped organizing Ingress Anomaly in Szczecin, Poland. We got aroung 1200 agents from many countries. My job was to take care of missions, mosaics and Mission Day. It was exhausting and we have a lot of fun.


  • Attended Riverwash demoscene party.
  • Went with a friends for a week in Bieszczady mountains. Nearly out of any civilisation related stuff.
  • Another Linaro Connect. This time around San Francisco. And new 96boards Enterprise Edition hardware — this time in MicroATX form factor: Socionext SynQuacer with 24 cores.
  • Spent a day in Computer History Museum and still have a feeling that it was not enough time to see everything ;D


  • Attended Retrokomp/Load Error event.
  • Donated blood for a first time. Will repeat.
  • Started playing with Bigtop project. Lot of Java stuff, Docker images and porting issues. Reported several bugs, replaced their old AArch64 build slave with two new ones (all three run in Linaro Developer Cloud).



  • Attended Silly Venture demoscene party. It is amazing what people can get running on those old Atari machines.
2017 timeline