1. Changes…

    After upgrading Wordpress to current nightly I looked on older posts and remind post about getting Zaurus C760. Like teletubbie wrote:

    Hmmm, when hrw gets the 760 device mentioned by Richard, then it will mean that it will be harder for me to resist a 7xx device in future, since this would mean really a value add to OZ support on these devices.

    I did lot of changes to way how OPIE works on c7x0 (and other hires) devices. Version 1.2.1 (which will be released with OpenZaurus 3.5.4) has many size fixes and there are rumours that 1.2.2 will be released in spring due to my changes ;)

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  2. Foxylicious updated

    Foxylicious extension was lately updated to Firefox 1.5 so finally I have all my del.icio.us bookmarks integrated with browser.

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  3. Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire

    Yesterday I was in cinema with my girlfriend on ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ movie. After previous parts we knew that dubbing has very poor quality so we go for show with subtitles. Hopefully English used in movie was good so I did not have too much problems with understanding (it was hard to read subtitles and follow movie action).

    On beginning I feel like watching trailer — so much content was ripped. But they atleast left important parts from book so it was nice movie. As always I tried to watch final titles to the end but there was so many companies which made visual effects that I decided to leave.

    Btw — who is ‘best boy’ in movie crew? It always puzzled me.

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  4. Another device flashed

    Today I flashed my USB Bluetooth dongle to newer firmware — it had v134 from 2001 now have v524 from 2003 (nearly newest one). Getting needed data was not quite easy — TDK provided it with older drivers that available ones.

    So currently I do not have not-yet-(re)flashed device… flashed mainboards bios, cd/rw, cd, dvd drives, gfx board, palmtops.. my other devices are not flashable.

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  5. del.icio.us

    As you can see I replaced “Links” part of sidebar with my latest bookmarks from del.icio.us service. If you want to check all of them then go my bookmarks.

    UPDATE: hmm.. I like it ;) I use del.icio.us because I was tired of keeping one copy of bookmarks at work and other at home. Both were not available when I needed them in other places. Now I have most of them available online in any place and I can share them with others…

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  6. What I don’t like in Debian

    I use Debian since potato was unstable and I like that distro. It has many packages which are easy to make and all dependencies are resolved in install time.

    But there are too many dependencies when I want to install something.. Today I wanted to build monotone-viz which is written in OCaml and use GTK+ for it’s interface. It also require graphviz. OCaml need Tcl/Tk, graphviz also need Tcl/Tk packages but why I need them? All what I want is one tool from graphviz package and Ocaml compiler. I have GTK+ in system, I can even live with a fact that another extra lib which monotone-viz need has OpenGL libs in dependencies but why I have to install lot of GUI stuff just to build one tool.

    Thats why I like granular packages..

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  7. neverending spam problem

    Spam… who does not get it in INBOX.. I get a lot of spam each day — one day I got 70MiB of spam and because of that I started to use bogofilter. It does his work well — I trained it with over 1GiB of spam from my collection and it rarely gives me ‘false positives’.

    But KMail which I used as MUA run bogofilter synchronously so when I try to get mail I have it frozen for few minutes. Maybe it’s time to switch to old times scheme and use fetchmail+maildrop to fetch/filter mails…

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  8. The pirates of Silicon Valley

    The pirates of Silicon Valley is a movie about how Apple Computers and Microsoft was created, how they grow. It is a story about creators of those companies — how Steve Jobs and Steve Woźniak built computer which show something on monitor instead of LED interface used in Altair.

    It’s nice movie — a must for all geeks ;)

    Written by Marcin Juszkiewicz on
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