Due to fact that some of embedded devices require using vendor tools I decided to install Microsoft Windows XP Professional on my Dell D400. As this machine lack CD-ROM drive I had to find other way. “Unattended” project provides boot discs which allow to make installation over PXE (netboot).

I followed DOS way and gave my tweaked copy of installation CD for it. The first problem was that I got “Partition Signature !=55AA” message after reboot and machine was unbootable. Hopefully I can boot grub4dos over PXE so I was able to go back to the Debian.

How to fix it? In my situation marking FAT32 partition as bootable solved problem.

The message is messy because there was 0x55aa signature at the end of MBR…

Partition Signature !=55AA

2 thoughts on “Partition Signature !=55AA

  • 28th July 2007 at 20:46

    You installed it on raw unprotected hardware?! How cruel! Try QEMU next time ;-).

  • 31st July 2007 at 08:46

    pfalcon: I need RS232 and PCMCIA access without anything between M$ Windows and hardware.

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