Polish locale for OS2008

Today I created package with Polish regional settings for Maemo OS2008. They are working and show as “Polski (Polska)” in “Control panel -> Language and region”.

I used glibc 2.5 locale data + Ångström localedef and generated locale files on my N810. To make them appear as “Polski (Polska)” instead of “pl_PL” I edited LC_ADDRESS file like it is described on “i18n add new languages” Maemo wiki page.

Download package.

When I will make more Polish addons I will probably create repository with it (another one ;(

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  1. Failed to install (on N800, OS2008). App Manager says: “Unable to install locale-polish. Incompatible application package.”

    Then, AppManager’s log file indicates:

    hildon-application-manager 2.0.2 /usr/bin/dpkg-dep -f’/var/tmp/locale-polish_2.5_armel.deb’ Package must have “Section: user/FOO” to be considered compatible. Error parsing depends list Error parsing depends list

  2. deckardnc: Why I thought that sooner or later someone will ask about it 😀

    I will look what can be done and use OpenEmbedded to generate packages for all glibc 2.5 supported locales. It just need small change to get Section set to user/i18n so AppManager will be able to install them.

  3. The Pimlico project’s Polish translations are maintained by me. Tasks, Dates and Contacts are fully translated most of the time (I check and update them once a month). I’m wondering why the full translation isn’t used. Were the packages stripped off of templates before the upstream vendor compiled the source? It would make sense for unsupported locales (to save space), but maybe there’s a way to add them back?

  4. Tomasz: There is no Polish translation of whole Maemo so I use English language for interface and Polish regional settings. And that’s why Dates are not translated on screenshots.

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