There are many N800 and N810 tablets with so called ‘Power on drama’. It appear as device which does not want to power on after shutting down or takes lot of time to switch on.

Few days ago new version of OS2008 was released to solve that. There was no informations about it on Maemo website. I do not know why…

But as usual all they did was release of one big flash image with no instructions other then “reflash your tablet and keep hope that it will restore all your changes from backup”. I decided to not check does “Backup & Restore” application will magically install xvinfo, gvim, powertop, custom kernel and few other modifications which I have on my N810.

So how to get fixed device? All you need is flashing bootloader. On Nokia tablets it is split to 3 parts: X-Loader, NOLO secondary bootloader and NOLO cold flasher. First you need to unpack FIASCO image (I am using N810 image in example):

$ flasher --fiasco RX-44_2008SE_2.2007.51-3_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin --unpack
flasher v0.8.1 (Jan  5 2007)

SW version in image: RX-44_2008SE_2.2007.51-3_PR_MR0
Image 'kernel', size 1529984 bytes
Image 'initfs', size 1954560 bytes
        Version 0.95-70
Image 'rootfs', size 137625600 bytes
        Version RX-34+RX-44_2008SE_2.2007.51-3_PR_MR0
Image '2nd', size 8192 bytes
        Valid for RX-44: 0801, 0802, 0803, 0804, 0805, 0806, 0901, 0902
        Version 1.1.11-1
Image 'xloader', size 9216 bytes
        Valid for RX-44: 0801, 0802, 0803, 0804, 0805, 0806, 0901, 0902
        Version 1.1.11-1
Image 'secondary', size 99968 bytes
        Valid for RX-44: 0801, 0802, 0803, 0804, 0805, 0806, 0901, 0902
        Version 1.1.11-1
Unpacking kernel image to file 'zImage'...
Unpacking initfs image to file 'initfs.jffs2'...
Unpacking rootfs image to file 'rootfs.jffs2'...
Unpacking 2nd image to file '2nd.bin-RX-44:0801,0802,0803,0804,0805,0806,0901,0902'...
Unpacking xloader image to file 'xloader.bin-RX-44:0801,0802,0803,0804,0805,0806,0901,0902'...
Unpacking secondary image to file 'secondary.bin-RX-44:0801,0802,0803,0804,0805,0806,0901,0902'...

Then all needed is flashing N8x0 tablet with one command:

sudo  flasher --flash --reboot \
--xloader xloader.bin-RX-44:0801,0802,0803,0804,0805,0806,0901,0902 \
--secondary secondary.bin-RX-44:0801,0802,0803,0804,0805,0806,0901,0902 
--2nd 2nd.bin-RX-44:0801,0802,0803,0804,0805,0806,0901,0902

After reboot you will have your tablet with all your data in same places as they were (because rootfs and kernel are not touched) and it will behave properly on OFF/ON cycle.

Resolving ‘Power on drama’

11 thoughts on “Resolving ‘Power on drama’

  • 22nd February 2008 at 08:45

    Actually you don’t need to unpack the image, you can also use flasher –fiasco RX-44_2008SE_2.2007.51-3_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin –flash-only=nolo –flash

  • 22nd February 2008 at 10:41

    Santtu: Good to know (I am not so familiar with flasher util). Unpacked image will be handy to compare content of image to check does it really do not have changes (compared to 50-2 version).

    ossi1967: It is easier for them to request reflashing images as they do not care about devices with extra software installed. They probably assume that users use only their applications…

  • 22nd February 2008 at 10:36

    So much better than flashing the whole thing… Why doesnt Nokia or the Maemo team publish this? Damn. Dont they use their devices?

  • 23rd February 2008 at 13:58

    You wonder why they didn’t announce the firmware update for the power up drama? The more that issue in the press, the more bad for Nokia. Well, I returned mine about 5 weeks ago, not having it back yet. Now I regret šŸ™

  • 24th February 2008 at 02:13

    Marcin: > They probably assume that users use only their applicationsā€¦

    The backup tool is actually quite good. I already reflashed the device once and it brings back all aplications that were installed using the app manager (i.e. from apt repositories and not from plain deb files).

    However, I really don’t understand this whole flashing idiotism. Why do we need to flash the rootfs at all? Why can’t it be upgraded from a central apt repository?

    It sounded terrible from the very beginning that one has to backup everything then reflash and then restore. Which, again works as a charm, but still it takes like 30 minutes of fiddling around instead of just starting an upgrade and letting it go.

    The root fs has changed with this release too, at least the md5sum of the binary image, so it might worth it to compare the contents with the previous one.

  • 24th February 2008 at 10:41

    but still it takes like 30 minutes of fiddling around instead of just starting an upgrade and letting it go.

    for me and some other users, the fiddling around consisted of sticking the Nokia in the freezer because the flashing program said to turn off the device. I couldn’t turn it back on so the freezer trick allowed me to boot up and continue with flashing.

    btw, on Windows XP, are the flash options mentioned available somehow or these are only available on Linux?

  • 24th February 2008 at 21:50

    John Baker: I put my n810 on charge and after about hour it booted into ‘charging’ — then it was easy as reboot in that moment gives flasher responding. And I have no idea about Win32 flasher.

    atleta: Central repository for Maemo? Sooner hell will freeze then Maemo will get one repository with software. And I do not know how many of software on my n810 is installable via appmanager as I do not use it due to it’s crapiness…

  • 25th February 2008 at 03:50

    Hi, IĀ“m new on this. WhereĀ“s the “flasher” command? Do I need to open Xterminal? Thanks.

  • 26th July 2008 at 05:29

    So…how do i flash my Tablet if i cant get it to power-on?

  • 28th July 2008 at 11:57

    @Joe:: my N810 powered up after some time before that update so shutdown, leave for 20 minutes and then it should start to flash.

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