1. OpenMoko release day

    Today (2007-02-11) had to be OpenMoko release day as it was told in ‘Free your Phone’ announcement. But it looks like it will be delayed…

    Their wiki is still 401 (HTTP Auth failed), same to bugtracker. At least projects hosting service is working for month.

    And still no source release ;( Mickeyl told that current OpenMoko branch of OpenEmbedded is not buildable with current .dev tree and he does not want to publish something what does not build.

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  2. Weather differencies between Poland and Britain

    I wake today and opened window to get some fresh air and discovered that there was snowing during night. It is winter here so snow is nothing special. But…

    Few hours later at work I discussed with OpenedHand guys and talk switched to weather. British citizens were astonished that they have snow. Britain and snow? Cities paralyzed, trains not working all because there are few inches of snow…

    Tomas Frydrych has nice summary for it:

    I had real laugh at my previous job when two of my colleagues were discussing how unfortunate Britain was to suffer from such weather extremes; I could not resit asking which extremes exactly they had in mind.

    He is from Czech (so he remember how winter should look) and live for several years in Britain. Another thing which he told was:

    It has to be said that proper, cold, winder is actually more bearable than what we get here; because of the humidity, it feels much colder here at 2°C than at -10°C in the old country.

    Now imagine how rest of talk was looking when there was mention about eyes freezing when temperature is below -25°C :D

    UPDATE: Rob wrote that this is normal behaviour there ;D

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  3. One gigabyte of memory is not enough?

    Today I started to work at home. Here I use amd64 system powered by Athlon64 3200+ (2GHz) with 1 GB of RAM (64M used by onboard graphics). But it looks like it is not enough to have working system and build in background:

    11:11 hrw@home:~$ free
                 total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
    Mem:        962312     949312      13000          0      57664    295256
    -/+ buffers/cache:     645772     316540
    Swap:       987988       5724     982264

    After getting first payment I will upgrade this machine to atleast 2GB of memory…

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  4. Planets

    Planets are online feed aggregators. They fetch RSS from list of configured sources and present them in chronological order.

    My website first appeared on Planet Handhelds. This service is nearly forgotten by anyone. I do not even know does it had to be made available as planet.handhelds.org or not.

    Next planet was Planet Linux-to-go which was setup as one of services when Linux-to-go was created.

    When month ago Planet OpenMoko was created I was asked for feed of my OpenMoko posts. After change in on of plugins used on my website I appeared there. Currently this planet is going to take 1st place in list of top referrers :)

    And since yesterday this website is aggregated also on Planet Closed Fist which aggregates post from people from OpenedHand.

    Now, when site is aggregated on such sites — how much time it will take to reach 1000 visits per day…

    UPDATE: Lot of time passed since I wrote that post. Planet handhelds.org is long time dead (as rest of handhelds.org), Closed Fist just got shut down. In meantime this blog got added to Planet Maemo but today I do not even write about Maemo or Nokia so no new posts there from me. Planet Linaro or Planet Ubuntu are places where my current posts land.

    And so far I did not managed to get one thousand visits per day - around two hundred daily is normal with up to 1000 if post is interesting and landed on few planets.

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  5. Last day at Conecto

    Today is last day of my work for Conecto. I decided to bake a cake for this occassion (to bake something other then bits which I usually bake with bitbake) but oven in our kitchen is hard to control so it got burnt and I decided to not take it to work.

    Burnt cake
    Burnt cake

    Hopefully there are cake shops around so I will be able to buy something instead.

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  6. Congratulations: You Have Won a Free Neo1973!

    The OpenMoko Project to “Free Your Phone,” has selected you as one of the few Free and Open Source developers eligible for early access to FIC’s Neo1973.

    This means, once we have your shipping details, you will receive a Neo1973 Developer Edition free of cost. Yes: No payment for either product or shipping!


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  7. I am living in a village

    As many of you know I am living in Poznań, Poland. This city has about 600 000 citizens but I will call it ”village”. Why?

    We have international airport here (IATA: POZ, ICAO: EPPO) but this is emigration airport rather then travel — most of flights are to Ireland or England which are popular countries for those with emigrate to get better paid job. So if you want to flight to other part of Europe you have to use train/bus/car or other way of transport to get to other airport.

    In February I go to Brussels, Belgium to participate in FOSDEM conference. After checking prices and times I chosen to get WizzAir from Warsaw, Poland to Charleroi and then train to Brussels. So it looks like I will go out from home at 12-13 in Friday to be in hotel on 23:30 probably… Return trip is not fun too..

    I checked other possibilities. Train to Berlin, flight looks a bit better, also more expensive but return trip suxx too. Looks like next year I will go though London or other city which is reachable from Poznań…


    • Poznań 13:35 -> Warsaw 16:40 (Express train)
    • public transport to airport
    • Warsaw 19:20 -> Charleroi 21:20
    • Charleroi airport -> Charleroi train -> Brussels — or Charleroi airport 22:30 -> Brussels directly
    • fast shower at hotel
    • FOSDEM beer party
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  8. Star Wars - Empire of Dreams

    Today I finally found some time and watched “Empire of Dreams: The Story of the ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy” movie about how original trilogy was filmed. It is a long (2.5 hours) but interesting document which show some funny episods — I like the one when Peter Mayhew was choosen to play Chewbacca.

    Where to find this movie? It is on 4th DVD from “Star Wars: DVD edition”. I think that one day I will finally buy it for myself.

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