Last day at Conecto


Today is last day of my work for Conecto. I decided to bake a cake for this occassion (to bake something other then bits which I usually bake with bitbake) but oven in our kitchen is hard to control so it got burnt and I decided to not take it to work (but I will eat it — I am cookiemonster 😉

Hopefully there are cake shops around so I will be able to buy something instead.

Congratulations: You Have Won a Free Neo1973!

The OpenMoko Project to “Free Your Phone,” has selected you as one of the few Free and Open Source developers eligible for early access to FIC’s Neo1973.

This means, once we have your shipping details, you will receive a Neo1973 Developer Edition free of cost. Yes: No payment for either product or shipping!


I am living in a village

As many of you know I am living in Poznań, Poland. This city has about 600 000 citizens but I will call it ”village”. Why?

We have international airport here (IATA: POZ, ICAO: EPPO) but this is emigration airport rather then travel — most of flights are to Ireland or England which are popular countries for those with emigrate to get better paid job. So if you want to flight to other part of Europe you have to use train/bus/car or other way of transport to get to other airport.

In February I go to Brussels, Belgium to participate in FOSDEM conference. After checking prices and times I chosen to get WizzAir from Warsaw, Poland to Charleroi and then train to Brussels. So it looks like I will go out from home at 12-13 in Friday to be in hotel on 23:30 probably… Return trip is not fun too..

I checked other possibilities. Train to Berlin, flight looks a bit better, also more expensive but return trip suxx too. Looks like next year I will go though London or other city which is reachable from Poznań…


  • Poznań 13:35 -> Warsaw 16:40 (Express train)
  • public transport to airport
  • Warsaw 19:20 -> Charleroi 21:20
  • Charleroi airport -> Charleroi train -> Brussels — or Charleroi airport 22:30 -> Brussels directly
  • fast shower at hotel
  • FOSDEM beer party

Star Wars – Empire of Dreams

Today I finally found some time and watched “Empire of Dreams: The Story of the ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy” movie about how original trilogy was filmed. It is a long (2.5 hours) but interesting document which show some funny episods — I like the one when Peter Mayhew was choosen to play Chewbacca.

Where to find this movie? It is on 4th DVD from “Star Wars: DVD edition”. I think that one day I will finally buy it for myself.

Free Your Phone

During weekend Sean Moss-Pultz from FIC/OpenMoko announced long awaited OpenMoko 2007 RoadMap. What this mean to us, developers/users?

  1. We finally know when there will be release of phone for developers and when for users.
  2. Build environment setup is known.
  3. Neo1973 (first phone running OpenMoko) hardware specification is confirmed.

But what this mean to me?

I know about this project since OEDEM 2006 when Mickeyl told us few things about his Super Secret Project™: it will be phone without Irda but with Bluetooth (which was then unknown to be or not in Neo1973), with VGA screen and open source for nearly everything. And the nice part was: everything will be build using OpenEmbedded. About month later there was Open Source in Mobile” conference in Amsterdam where “Mystery Guest” introduced the Neo1973 phone and OpenMoko. First days were interesting — some of us were able to look at OpenMoko source before they discover that WebSVN is not closed 😉

Now I’m waiting for RoadMap Phase 0: Developer Preview. Why? I hope that I am one of those developers which will get Neo1973 phone for free ;D But I also want to look at their sources, look how it works, build it for checking stuff on my desktop or one of palmtops which are on my desk.

Anyway even if I will have to buy this phone during Phase 1: Official Developer Launch then I will gather needed funds and get one to hack, tweak, polish it.

I do not want to miss another popular gadget like I did with Nokia 770…

Wanna see Sean and Neo1973 phone?

Samsung 205B Wide

Samsung 205B WideToday there was a sale in local MediaMarkt. I decided to go there to look how much it was destroyed by wild crowd.

When I was at the shop there were only a bit more people then usual — no signs of wild crowd, no destroyed stuff.. But they had one nice thing (which was also one of reasons why I was there): Samsung 205B Wide LCD monitor for 999 PLN (about 260 EUR) and I bought one.

At home I replaced my Samsung 17″ CRT with this new 20″ widescreen LCD and booted. 1280×1024 (my usual resolution) was not so good and after edition of xorg.conf I got 1680×1050 resolution and this is it. More space for windows, more space during reading of documents etc.

And all of that without any problems with gfx card — I use ATI x200 integrated into mainboard chipset and closed fglrx driver (did not checked does opensource driver support this resolution but I think that it should).

Pingwinaria 2007

During Pingwinaria 2007 (15-18 March) I will lecture about OpenEmbedded project. My abstract was accepted and I suppose that opinion about sent paper will arrive to me during next few days.

One of other lectures during event will be about OpenMoko platform (Tomasz Zieliński will talk about it). When I saw this in agenda I decided that I will have to write to him to get some infos so we will not talk about same things. But suprise, suprise — he wrote to me first ;D

BTW — I will translate my article to English and put it online after Pingwinaria.

Openmoko developers program

Yesterday during iPhone discussion I gave URL to OpenMoko phone to some people on IRC. After that I had to answer many questions about it. One of them was Webdesigner and put some critic on colorscheme used on screenshot:

Colorscheme is one of those awful ones.
Why grey with orange???

Then I visited OM website and discovered that they started developer program finally. Now I wonder — do I have to write to Mickeyl regarding embedded Linux projects I had contributed to or not…

UPDATE: Koen told me that this info was there from start. So I had to miss it…