For my last trip to England I took Nokia 770 tablet. There was no time to buy London city map so I had to solve it somehow.

After installation of Maemo Mapper I downloaded some maps from Google Maps service. I have to say that MM is really good written software — quite easy to use, powerful and useful. On return trip I was in a book shop and looked at paper city map of London — it was less usable then Maemo Mapper 🙂

I wonder how this application works with GPS unit as this should remove a need for looking at street name plates. Maybe one day Nokia will start to sell their tablets in Poland so I will be able to test it on N810.

Maemo mapper

2 thoughts on “Maemo mapper

  • 17th December 2007 at 10:51

    MM can use the gps in 3 ways:

    • direct bluetooth connection
    • gpsd connection
    • named pipe (/dev/pgps) to hook into the os2008 gps framework

    And if you have an internet connection you can use “Go to” and input a streetname and it’ll center the map on that.

  • 17th December 2007 at 22:57

    Koen: I know, but currently I lack any GPS unit other then two Neo1973 phones which I find to unreliable to use as GPS.

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