Years ago I had Gigabyte mainboard in computer at work. One day cpu fan died — it did not shut down but tried to operate with 85°C at CPU… That day I decided to not buy Gigabyte mainboards anymore (my home machine had in BIOS limit of working temperatures with 70°C set as temp to shut down).

Few days ago I upgraded my home machine. And it is Gigabyte powered 🙂 To be exact: EP35C-DS3R is what I bought.

There are few annoyances:

  • Intel AHCI SATA BIOS adds few seconds on each boot for checking 6 Serial-ATA ports
  • Gigabyte AHCI SATA/ATA BIOS adds few more and ask for pressing key (with few seconds timeout)

But also nice stuff:

  • profiles in BIOS — so I am able to configure everything and store settings for later use
  • flashing BIOS from USB stick, hard drive or floppy (does someone still use floppies?)

I also added few other components: Core2Quad Q6600 CPU, 4GB RAM and new hard drive but that is other story.

Never say never

2 thoughts on “Never say never

  • 9th May 2008 at 13:11

    Nice, I just got the same, except a Core2Duo E8400 CPU instead. Half the number of cores, but 25% higher clock, 30w less TDP (65w vs 95w) and cheaper. 🙂

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