Ubuntu/Linaro Platform Sprint in Prague

This week I spent in the Hildon Old Town hotel in Prague as Ubuntu Platform Sprint took place there. Linaro project was part of it.

It was good time. I met many developers, connected faces to nick names (as usual) and wrote some patches. Today it looks like my work items for Maverick alpha3 release are “done” — all changes are reported as bugs, linked to my “cross compiler packages” blueprint and discussed with proper developers. The goal of my work is “armel cross compiler” package in Ubuntu Maverick. I know that there are people in team which will make use of it when it becomes available.

But for next event I really need to take isolating headphones as there are too much noise in room — few groups of people speaking, air condition etc.

Evening events were interesting — I met Czech developers from OpenEmbedded project, had occasion to listen to Nicolas’s Pitre stories about his developer experience and long discussions on many different subjects. And of course Czech beers ;) Too bad that main one here is Pilsner Urquell as I can buy it in any local shop in Szczecin. But they also had Staropromen which was quite ok.

Prague is nice city. I did not made lot of sight-seeing but this weekend I will spend with my wife Ania so it will be done ;D We plan to see some of popular places and try to find those less popular ones but due to time limits there will be some left for next visit.

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