UDS-N is ending

Last day of UDS-N is today. I am tired and decided to skip last sessions slot and summary. It was good event and for me it was far better then previous one. Even with jetlag…

I attended lot of sessions. Mostly toolchain related ones but some just for fun (like “git for bzr users”) or to add something from me. My session was on Wednesday — a bit too late for people in Europe but even without Wookey it was success. We defined what is do be done for next months and I have all I need to write specification + work items.

But there are few things which I want to note before I forgot (mostly related to organization):

Some people will say that I am complaining but week before UDS I had huge amount of sessions subscribed (some as essential) and did few cleaning attempts before and during event to be present at as many as possible.

But summit is not only sessions — it is also people. I met some Polish people from ARM, Canonical, Ubuntu, had occasion to speak with new people from Linaro’s toolchain working group or from Linaro or Ubuntu. It was good time. And next time I will take small photo camera because at the end of day my cellphone was discharged so not so many photos taken :(

And I learnt few new things :D How to switch devices connected to hotel wifi by cloning MAC address in laptop or phone, that my x86-64 laptop works quite good as access point (but next time I will rather use WPA instead of open network) and that Skype from time to time decides that microphone which worked does not work anymore. SkypeOut is great thing btw — was the only connection between me and my family.

So this evening we have a party, tomorrow I have to do something with time and then “24h” trip home (about 18h in real but 6 timezones add some + DST change night). I hope that next week will be jetlag free ;D

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