Again we are at start of new year. As usual I decided to write some timeline for 2011 year.

## January

– Went to [Ubuntu/Linaro platform rally in Dallas, TX]( It was my second trip to USA but first time I got so [jet lagged]( after.
– Switched from Nokia N900 (Maemo 5) to Samsung Nexus S (Android 2.3). One of best moves in 2011.

## February

– FOSDEM as usual. This time I went there with my wife. She saw more of Brussels in one day then I manage during few visits. But she had [‘spouse tours’]( in Saturday and Sunday 😉
– Started using [Cyanogenmod]( on my phone instead of stock Android. Nice improvements and always fresh system.

## March

– Decided to drop KDE and [switched to XFCE]( on desktop and laptop. Main reason was KMail which started to be too hard to rely on. Moved to Evolution and few months later to Thunderbird.

## April

– [Linaro porting jam]( weekly event started. It got quiet last months but we will resurrect it!

## May

– Visited Budapest, Hungary for [Linaro Connect Q2.12 and Ubuntu Developers Summit]( Compared to earlier events this time I even found time for some sightseeing — hope that it is not last time. Also met many old friends during event.
– started to [make new arrangement of my work desk]( Lot of cables went into storage boxes, some devices also. Today I have it far from order but it is better than it was. Also moved Pandaboards moved to [piece of chipboard]( Today it looks different but no photos until I end.

## June

– [Moved hosting to own VPS]( Took me a bit to get it working like I wanted but now it just works. Powered by Ubuntu as I was lazy to learn other system and due to my work it is easier to catch some developers in case of failures.
– My post about [running 3.0 kernel under Ubuntu ‘natty’ 11.04]( got lot of attention.

## July

– Another [Ubuntu platform sprint]( — this time in Dublin, Ireland. Met some old friends which moved there from Poland. Also spent awesome weekend with my wife and local part of our family.
– Took 2 weeks of vacations. We went nearly in the middle of nowhere 😉
– Switched phone operator again. This time it is Orange, PL and I am on prepaid. Number stayed the same of course.
– Started using [Google+](

## August

– We had first official [Linaro Connect]( in Cambourne, UK. It was kind of conference with lot of hacking time. During it I played with all developer boards which we support and [wrote what do I think about them]( This post gave me unofficial title of ‘Linaro’s main complainer’ and as a result we can expect some hardware guys presence during next Linaro Connect events.
– Released some generic Linux cross toolchain for tests which got some use. Toolchain working group has now people working on it.
– Bought [Hannspree Hannspad tablet]( running Android 2.2 by default. Played with Cyanogenmod7 and Honeycomb on it. Finally got rid of it month later as I got one with shitty screen.
– [Tried Unity]( but gave up.

## September

– Modded ATX Power supply which provided 5/12V for my developer boards [got fried]( Replaced it with industrial +5V/20A one — no boards running at 12V at desk.
– VPS upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 ‘lucid’ to 11.04 ‘natty’ ended with not bootable system. All I got was [“Error: Boot loader didn’t return any data!”]( message from Xen. Solved problem, described for users.

## October

– [Bought a bike]( for me and another for wife. We also got extra seat for our daughter and did some trips in forests surrounding Szczecin. Then it became too cold for family trips.
– Went to [Open Source Szczecin conference]( to listen what people have to say about some projects. Was quite interesting.
– Got [mx53 Quick Start board]( from Freescale for my Linaro work.

## November

– Visited Prague, Czech Republic again. This time for Embedded Linux Conference. Nice time, met friends. There was also general assembly of OpenEmbedded e.V. organization.
– Linaro Connect Q4.11 took place at same time as Ubuntu Developer Summit. Another visit in Orlando, Florida, USA. This time we got room as usual — at the end of corridor 😉 Bought myself Amazon Kindle e-reader which I am now using to read some old Science Fiction books.
– [I got interviewed during Linaro Connect]( — we were talking about projects which I worked on in past, what brought me to Linux on ARM. Worth watching!
– Started using Unity again.

## December

– After [month of using Unity]( I went back to KDE. Too many things was interrupting my work.
– [Upgraded my home machine to i7-2600K]( With 16GB of memory I am building everything in RAM now and lack of cpu time no longer stops me from work.

2011 timeline

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  • 5th January 2012 at 08:38

    Looks like you had a really busy year !. Keep the adrenaline level up in 2012 🙂

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