Again we are at start of new year. As usual I decided to write some timeline for 2011 year.



  • FOSDEM as usual. This time I went there with my wife. She saw more of Brussels in one day then I manage during few visits. But she had ‘spouse tours’ in Saturday and Sunday 😉
  • Started using Cyanogenmod on my phone instead of stock Android. Nice improvements and always fresh system.


  • Decided to drop KDE and switched to XFCE on desktop and laptop. Main reason was KMail which started to be too hard to rely on. Moved to Evolution and few months later to Thunderbird.


  • Linaro porting jam weekly event started. It got quiet last months but we will resurrect it!




  • Another Ubuntu platform sprint — this time in Dublin, Ireland. Met some old friends which moved there from Poland. Also spent awesome weekend with my wife and local part of our family.
  • Took 2 weeks of vacations. We went nearly in the middle of nowhere 😉
  • Switched phone operator again. This time it is Orange, PL and I am on prepaid. Number stayed the same of course.
  • Started using Google+.


  • We had first official Linaro Connect in Cambourne, UK. It was kind of conference with lot of hacking time. During it I played with all developer boards which we support and wrote what do I think about them. This post gave me unofficial title of ‘Linaro’s main complainer’ and as a result we can expect some hardware guys presence during next Linaro Connect events.
  • Released some generic Linux cross toolchain for tests which got some use. Toolchain working group has now people working on it.
  • Bought Hannspree Hannspad tablet running Android 2.2 by default. Played with Cyanogenmod7 and Honeycomb on it. Finally got rid of it month later as I got one with shitty screen.
  • Tried Unity but gave up.


  • Modded ATX Power supply which provided 5/12V for my developer boards got fried. Replaced it with industrial +5V/20A one — no boards running at 12V at desk.
  • VPS upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 ‘lucid’ to 11.04 ‘natty’ ended with not bootable system. All I got was “Error: Boot loader didn’t return any data!” message from Xen. Solved problem, described for users.


  • Bought a bike for me and another for wife. We also got extra seat for our daughter and did some trips in forests surrounding Szczecin. Then it became too cold for family trips.
  • Went to Open Source Szczecin conference to listen what people have to say about some projects. Was quite interesting.
  • Got mx53 Quick Start board from Freescale for my Linaro work.


  • Visited Prague, Czech Republic again. This time for Embedded Linux Conference. Nice time, met friends. There was also general assembly of OpenEmbedded e.V. organization.
  • Linaro Connect Q4.11 took place at same time as Ubuntu Developer Summit. Another visit in Orlando, Florida, USA. This time we got room as usual — at the end of corridor 😉 Bought myself Amazon Kindle e-reader which I am now using to read some old Science Fiction books.
  • I got interviewed during Linaro Connect — we were talking about projects which I worked on in past, what brought me to Linux on ARM. Worth watching!
  • Started using Unity again.


2011 timeline

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  • 5th January 2012 at 08:38

    Looks like you had a really busy year !. Keep the adrenaline level up in 2012 🙂

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