2017 timeline

January Quiet time. Just after Linaro ERP release was done. February FOSDEM as usual. This time with CentOS/RDO meeting. Took my daughter Mira to Touluse, France for winter holidays. There was about 17°C which was nice change after week of

2013 timeline

Another year so time for summary post. Mostly spent around AArch64. Changed job. But let go with usual month-by-month style. January XTerm on AArch64 before anyone else got X11 working ;D Few months passed and we got that stuff merged and

2012 timeline

Another year passed. It was busy one with some job related turbulence… But let me start. January Made short research to find out which Android tablet to buy. Month later I bought Archos 80 G9 Turbo. February Linaro Connect in Redwood City