Another year passed. It was busy one with some job related turbulence… But let me start.



  • Linaro Connect in Redwood City (San Francisco area) was great event. The walk to Golden Gate was one of best parts of whole trip. Too bad that I decided to not stay for ELC which was few days after — most of US OpenEmbedded developers were there…
  • Went to New York City on return trip. 36 hours is far too small amount of time to visit this town… Met guys from Bug Labs 😉
  • Skipped FOSDEM for second time ;(
  • I bought that Archos 80 G9 Turbo tablet. Most often self asked question during next months was “why???” — it feels slower than my Nexus S… But my daughter likes it as she has some games, books and films on it.
  • My howto about flashing U-Boot on Efika MX Smartbook got re-used somewhere on Genesi website as many people found it useful.



  • Easter. Family etc.
  • Attended local Ubuntu release party.


This was busy month — just one weekend for family ;(

  • Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland (San Francisco area again). Did some sight-seeing, went to cinema — had good spent time. As usual did some shopping at Amazon 😉
  • Attended Tizen Developers Conference as it was just 2 stops from UDS/Q hotel. And some friends from Maemo times were there. And there was great social event on Tuesday…
  • Got Tizen Developer Platform device, played a bit with it and wrote few words about it. Few months later I sent this brick to some guy in Norway — maybe he will do something interesting with it.
  • At end of month I went to Hong Kong…


  • There was Linaro Connect q2.12 at Hong Kong. For me it was first visit in Asia. Did some sight-seeing but hope to see more in March 2013 when Linaro Connect Asia will take place at same hotel.
  • ARMv8 related work started.


  • New stuff, old tools. Or in other words: started using OpenEmbedded again. This time some preparations for ARMv8 work — created some images and Jenkins jobs to build them. Few months later we switched architecture and fun started.
  • Also unbricked my SheevaPlug after my friend’s play. Now it is un-bootable again ;D


  • Spend few weeks on holidays. Good time it was.
  • Some people assigned by Canonical to work on Linaro went back and left our teams. I was on a list too, but convinced management that ARMv8 work may need my skills ;D


  • Applied for Debian Maintainer. Got accepted some time later.
  • Attended SmartDev Conference. I was member of programme committee. Nice event it was. Also met some old friends there 😉
  • Started ARMv8 work in OpenEmbedded. First with some internal patches so I could not tell too much about progress. And there were sad moments due to that — like when I cross compiled first programs but had to wait 2 more weeks before could say that in public…
  • Wrote two posts about ARM devices and why I am not interested in anything below Cortex-A9 ones. This time it was more polite than similar post from 2011.


  • ARMv8 sprint in Cambridge. During that week Linaro published glibc patches for AArch64 so I was able to finally share my work with outside world. And as usual met some old friends 😉
  • 3 weeks later everyone was able to run ARMv8 binaries.
  • Also that month there was decision made that I will move to Canonical at beginning of December. Everything was setup so I sent farewell e-mail to everyone at Linaro. But later it got reverted and I will probably never know why and who made that decision.
  • Went to Copenhagen for Canonical internal event to meet the team which I planned to join. Got lot of information about company plans which I am not allowed to talk about.
  • Another Ubuntu Developers Summit took place.
  • Also Linaro Connect q3.12 started.
  • And Google + Samsung announced new, ARM based, Chromebook. So I bought one ;D


  • During Linaro Connect Andrew Wafaa gave me my Chromebook and I managed to get Ubuntu running on it. Lot of help came from Olof Johansson — without him it would be much harder work. Managed to fry speakers ;(
  • Then I went to Barcelona for ELC/E and Yocto developers day. Met friends, had lot of fun.
  • Got BeagleBone and The Fish River Island 2 devices. Still did not booted second one.
  • Spent few days at Palamos, Spain. Lovely time to relax after 3 weeks of conferences — thanks to Zygmunt Krynicki and his wife.
  • Did last update of cross compilers for Ubuntu. Looks like Matthias Klose will take care of them now.


  • My sister gave birth to two daughters! So now I am uncle at my part of family as well 🙂
  • Created project and team at Launchpad to unite people hacking on ARM Chromebook support. Mailing list is not so used but we got some bugs and first set of packages. So if you have such device and use Ubuntu on it… join us! If you use other distribution then also join us 😉
  • Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A based DragonBoard arrived on my desk. Waits in queue…
  • Got own kernel working on Chromebook. It is now available in PPA.
  • Went to Silly Venture demoscene party. It was Atari event. Awesome one!

What will 2013 bring? There will be some changes, new projects, devices… But I will write about them at proper time.

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