Another year so time for summary post. Mostly spent around AArch64. Changed job. But let go with usual month-by-month style.

## January

– [XTerm on AArch64]( before anyone else got X11 working ;D Few months passed and we got that stuff merged and provided by other distributions.
– Samsung [tried to hire me]( but I refused. Would feel bad working in a company which ignores external developers so often.
– [Published my script to easy boot of AArch64 models]( Current version supports also UEFI boot.

## February

– [FOSDEM 2013]( of course. Had interesting chat with Peter Robinson from Fedora about ALSA UCM profiles. Took me few months but [in May I finally sent them]( and got it merged. So now all distributions should be able to ship them.
– Retired my old [Dell D400]( — Ania got Acer netbook instead.
– Spent more time with Chromebook. From [testing Chrubuntu install script]( to Ubuntu updates and [real life usage](

## March

– [My blog is now EU cookie crap compliant](
– Visited Hong Kong again for Linaro Connect Asia. Nice city, good conference. Hint: if you go for street shopping wait for seller to give price and start from 20-40% of it.

## April

– Spent Easter in alternative way — visited [Revision demoscene party]( Awesome it was and I plan to do it again.
– Wrote my [last work on OpenGL ES for Chromebook]( Do not ask again cause you will get that link anyway.
– [Moved from Archos G9 80 Turbo to Nexus 7]( Another upgrade probably during this year. Maybe LG Pad 8″ this time?
– BeagleBone got upgrade so I wrote a [post about BeagleBone Black compared to R/Pi]( Lot of hate from R/Pi community but also around four thousand visits on one day. This time my blog survived without problems 😉

## May

– [Left Linaro for good]( due to end of Canonical<>Linaro contract. This also meant leaving Canonical as I did not want to work there. You may want to read [my post from start of May]( and my [good bye Linaro]( one as well.
– First discussion with Red Hat about job opportunities.
– Visited UK for pleasure. [London]( and [Cambridge]( this time. I saw lot of interesting places, did several beers with local friends. Good spent time.
– [Sent ALSA UCM profiles]( and got it merged. One thing less for distributions to carry.

## June

– The “we pay you but do not require you to do any work” month at Canonical. Nice move from their side.
– [Visited Pixel Heaven]( in Warsaw. There was lot of different old computers. One of them was Acorn Archimedes so I was able to play with really old ARM cpus 😉
– Started playing Ingress because I had 2 hours to return train…
– [Spent some time on Arch Linux ARM forums]( and found some nice hints for Chromebook usage. Also U-Boot for SPI flash…
– Wrote [post about ARM history]( which got shared in many places.

## July

– Another set of calls with Red Hat. Then some paperwork needed to be done.
– Made to L8 in Ingress ;D
– [Played with mainline kernels on Chromebook]( but went back to 3.4 one to get better hardware support.

## August

– [Got hired by Red Hat]( as Senior Software Engineer. My wife joked that next position would be Retired Software Engineer ;D
– Vacations continued.

## September

– Started work at Red Hat by moving Chromebook to Fedora. Then [moved main desktop to “rawhide”]( After few months I can say that distribution is ok but [there are many tools which I miss from Debian]( including packaging UI manager.
– Visited SmartDevCon conference. And won Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-9505) cellphone. [TouchWiz suxx very badly](
– [Moved Chromebook to U-Boot -> NV U-Boot -> Kernel way of booting]( This allows me to drop into bootloader and do whatever I need there. One day I will finally get rid of first U-Boot…
– [Moved from Xen instance to raw hardware for hosting.]( Atom N2800 is not a rocket but more than enough for my needs.
– Suspended my consulting company as I am hired directly now.

## October

– [My father died](

## November

– Got Python3 working on AArch64. There were many other packages as well but this one I remember ;D
– [Wrote 2nd part of AArch64 porter diary]( to complain about some build/packaging issues. [First part is also online](

## December

– Started merging my stack of AArch64 related patches into Fedora. And into upstream of course. Lot of issues it gave.
– Got Qt5 nearly complete on AArch64. Still have to get QtWebKit part done but it is close. Good part is that all my patches do not require any contribution agreement papers.

It was quite good year. Changed job from interesting one at Linaro to also interesting one at Red Hat. Still work on AArch64 porting stuff but this time I have access to real hardware so it goes faster.

2013 timeline