The end of 2009 is ended. Was it good year? For me it is hard to tell…


  • got Atmel AT91SAM9263-EK — my first own developer board. I used it to test most of my images during 2009.
  • moved Zaurus to drawer — no need for it anymore as I have better platform to test stuff on (ok, VGA > QVGA but on-board ethernet is nicer then wifi)


  • FOSDEM — this year I was there and as always it was worth to be there.
  • got own branches on Poky Linux git server to get easier way to contribute
  • Koala Nano PC joined my devices and started discussion “is hdparm good for testing devices”. Now I know that it was not good choice. Maybe one day I will run better set of benchmarks.
  • offered serial cables for BUG device for free — sent few during year. Now new BUGbase uses iPod connector so Handylink cables are useful only for JTAG.
  • played a bit with syncing mobile devices and failed. OpenSync really needs new stable release.



This was month of getting new toys:

And they forced me to do some hardware updates:





  • NHK-15 board arrived from ST-Ericsson. It is nice board with interesting features. Too bad that there is no kernels newer then 2.6.20 for it (to make full use of it).
  • T-Com W500V arrived — I bought it to have VoIP functionality with normal analog phone. Need to move it to my room probably as it is too unstable to be used over WiFi 🙁


  • Finally we found time for some vacations and visited my parents. It was nicely spent time.
  • new BUGbase available worldwide — this one has WiFi, Bluetooth inside so not need for BUGwifi module. And no more HandyLink as iPod connector took it place. Too bad that BUGdock is not possible to buy (FCC not certified etc).
  • got third BeagleBoard — this time from Texas Instruments Germany. I think that I won it during LinuxTag.




  • Nokia N900 arrived and I have to admit that it is quite nice device. Software is not so nice — already filled some bug reports.
  • After few days of playing I sent N900 back to DDP — there were bad pixels on screen.
2009 Timeline

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    Thanks for this. Every January I look forward to reading these, even though I read the blog posts as you post them 🙂


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