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Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. The day which reminds me how I got to where I am.

I used Amiga in 90s. Met lot of people, got new friends etc. Years passed and when I met some of them again they (+Mirosław Baran, +Monika Szczygieł) introduced me to local community of Palm users. It took me one more year to became Palm user (m105, sj30) but then I knew that I want to go that way.

Another year and I had Sharp Zaurus. And pile of devices started to grow… Interesting job offers went few years later.

I still have my first Palm M105. Maybe it is good day to check is it still operational. 

Time to plan vacations

This year I want to take my family for long trip. But not just a trip but Moomins influenced one because my daughter likes to listen when we read books about them.

So from Szczecin to Olecko (where my mother lives) for few days. Lakes, few old friends, family. Then go north.

Through Lithuania to Latvia to Tallinn, Estonia. Sight seeing here and there to not just drive through all those countries. But probably skip Vilnius as it is on a side.

Then ferry to Helsinki, walk around for a day. And the next step would be Moomin World in Naantali, Finland. No idea how much time it requires. From there to Tempere to visit Tampere Art Museums Moominvalley.

The whole trip needs to be in July when Mira has vacations. And it is also the only time when Finland has summer (but have to check which days :)

Have to check where to stay, who to meet (Riku? Thomas? probably few more), which way to go, what to see. And also I need to get new ID for Mira.

Hope that it will be a great adventure ;D

Boże Narodzenia a książki dla dzieci / Christmas and children books

English version below

Idą święta. W sobotę Mira poprosiła bym przeczytał jej książkę o Bożym Narodzeniu.

Książka była tłumaczona z innego języka. Innej kultury.

Nie żebym miał coś przeciwko indykowi na Wigilię, kalendarzom adwentowym czy świętemu Mikołajowi zostawiającemu prezenty w nocy. Ale wolałbym przeczytać coś bardziej osadzonego w naszych realiach.

Zarówno u mnie jak i u Ani w rodzinie św. Mikołaj przychodzi w okolicach “pierwszej gwiazdki”, zadaje pytania młodszym i starszym. To jest część świąt, której brak byłby odczuwalny.

Nie potrzebuję rozrywać “Christmas Crackers” z drugą osobą, zamiast indyka wolę w ten dzień rybkę.

Mirze różnicę w porze prezentów wyjaśniliśmy w prosty sposób: św. Mikołaj nie ma czasu by odwiedzić wszystkich wieczorem więc niektóre dzieci dostają prezenty w nocy.

English version

Christmas is comming. On Saturday my daughter Mira asked me to read her book about it.

Book was translated from other language. Other culture.

I do not have anything against turkey on Christmas Eve, advent calendars or Santa leaving presents during night. But I would prefer to read book more related to our way of handling Xmas.

But both in my and Ania’s families Santa arrives around “a first star”, asks some questions, requests songs etc.

I do not need to pull Christmas Crackers with other person (did it once) and prefer fish rather than turkey on Christmas’ Eve dinner.

Our explanation on different timing of leaving presents was quite easy: Santa does not have enough time to visit everyone during evening so children in other countries get their presents during night.

Chrismas Eve in Poland in wikipedia

From a diary of AArch64 porter

One day I will go to software conference with an axe or a knife and will turn a place into slaughterhouse…

During last few weeks most of my work was related to fixing build issues on AArch64 platform. That’s what I do since September 2012. Just operating system changed from OpenEmbedded to Fedora. And there are days when I want to kill.

Kill who? Software developers. Some for shipping few years old copies of config.{guess,sub} files. Others for inviting crazy ways of abusing autoconf usage. My latest find was fakeroot.spec which has this precious jewel:

for type in sysv tcp; do
mkdir obj-$type
cd obj-$type
cat >> configure << 'EOF'
#! /bin/sh
exec ../configure "$@"
chmod +x configure
%configure \
  --disable-dependency-tracking \
  --disable-static \
  --libdir=%{_libdir}/libfakeroot \
  --with-ipc=$type \
cd ..

By default "%configure" macro updates config.{guess,sub} files. But it does it in place. So no luck here.

There are countless packages like that. Code for 3rd-party libraries bundled with code may have them as well.

So if your package uses config.{guess,sub} files then please take a look and do an update of them with new release.

My father died

An hour ago my mother called me and told me that my father died.

In the morning I will pack and go to my home town to take care of my mother and help as much as I can with funeral organization.

So if you wanted something from me, postpone it for at least a week. I may scan emails but this is not granted.

13:58 hrw@tygrysek:~$ sudo poweroff

Over month ago OVH started offering “KS 2G” servers for 15 PLN per month. Like few other friends I decided to take it.

Waiting for new machine took nearly a month but finally got it. I had a small problem with a name for it. But as “KS 2G” is smaller than i5 where my previous system was hosted I decided to reuse name “malenstwo” (Roo from “Winnie the Pooh”) which before was attached to PandaBoard(s).

Copied data from previous server (named tygrysek due to Tiger), updated Ubuntu to 13.04 and started to migrate services. And today I moved last one and sent my Xen VM instance to shredder…

What changed? I have “bare metal” machine on which I can do experiments and do not have to worry about users of other Xen instances like it was before. Have native IPv6 address so sending backups to my home will be easier.